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1. A computer with internet connection.

2. A camcorder to capture your swing or motion.

3. A transfer device to import your video into V1 Home 2.0. Most camcorders, (especially digital) have the ability to go directly into your PC..

4. V1 Home 2.0 [get it now]

What the golf pro or instructor will need...

1. V1 Pro 2009 [get it now]

To familiarize you with the V1 Golf Academy, this page gives you a brief description of what some of our pages are about. It also offers you the opportunity to take a quick animated tour.
7. To purchase a professional swing analysis, select an instructor from the V1 Golf Academy faculty list. Click here to view faculty. 8. Assign your swing to your selected V1 Golf Academy instructor.
9. Your instructor will receive and analyze your swing using the V1 Pro, the #1 Swing Analysis System in Golf. 10. Once your swing analysis is completed, you will automatically be notified via email that your analysis is ready to view.
11. Log-in to the V1 Golf Academy to view your swing analysis located in your locker. 12. Review your swing analysis as often as you like and start improving your game!

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