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1. A computer with internet connection.

2. A camcorder to capture your swing or motion.

3. A transfer device to import your video into V1 Home 2.0. Most camcorders, (especially digital) have the ability to go directly into your PC..

4. V1 Home 2.0 [get it now]

What the golf pro or instructor will need...

1. V1 Pro 2009 [get it now]
To familiarize you with the V1 Golf Academy, this page gives you a brief description of what some of our pages are about. It also offers you the opportunity to take a quick animated tour.
1. Order or download V1 Home and load onto your computer. To order V1 Home (Premium version), click here. 2. Capture your swing digitally with a camcorder. (Shutter speed should be set at 1/1000 or faster).
3. Using V1 Home, transfer your swing from your camcorder to your computer. 4. Compare your swing side-by-side to previous swings or to a tour model's swing.
5. Save your recorded swing by uploading it to the V1 Golf Academy. 6. V1 Home will automatically place your swing in your V1 Golf Academy locker.

> Click here to proceed to steps 7-12.

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